What is Soothe?

SootheTM is a Chrome extension made to help people browse the web without seeing malicious content. Our main goal is to prevent online harassment and help users avoid seeing triggers while they browse the web. We strongly believe that no one online should have to worry about this.

The process is simple and subtle: check off the type of content you want to avoid and let us handle the rest! Questionable content is blurred out, if you wish to see it nonetheless you can click to reveal the text.

Why use Soothe?

We provide a simple, subtle way to avoid trauma triggers/online harassment. Using sentiment analysis and real-time scanning we offer a precise solution that takes seconds to set up. Our extension is unique since it does not require users to manually enter terms, is completely free, and works in real-time (in places like Facebook Messenger).


SootheTM avoids authenticating users in any way. We believe that users should be able to use the product with complete peace of mind and privacy, which is why you'll notice we don't require any kind of sign up/log in.

The only data we collect is the actual offensive content your browser catches, meaning the URL of the website and the category it was flagged under (ex. an instance of homophobic content on YouTube). This data is used to make strategic decisions about the extension - it lets us optimize the technology to make sure it's performing well on the websites we most commonly flag content.

To provide further peace of mind, we have made SootheTM completely open-source. Anyone can read through the code to see how our technology works. We do this to keep complete transparency about our operations. Feel free to read through (and perhaps contribute) on our GitHub page.

Furthermore, by providing our extension on the Google Chrome Web Store, we fully adhere to their Developer Program Policies.


We support freedom of speech and have from the very beginning of the project kept these implications in mind. We disagree with removing important dialogue from the web, which is why SootheTM is a Chrome extension, meaning you only add it to your browsing experience if you need it.

We simply want to give those who need it a small warning. Our extension will blur out a section of the page we think contains problematic material. The use can then choose to leave the page, or click the blurred section to reveal the text underneath.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on SootheTM! Feel free to drop us a line at admin@getsoothe.ca or message us on Facebook. If you have any questions or concerns we will do our best to respond quickly.

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